Launcell Barton

Deer Park Country House

"Hazel is such an incredible lady….she doesn’t stop, only for the occasional gulp of air!....Ambitious, driven, dedicated and seriously smart.

Hazel and her team will never let you down, delivering more than you can imagine, they will ensure the planning stage is fun and the event will go like a dream, guaranteed!

It’s great to work with like minded professionals and to enjoy a common goal of exceeding the expectations of everyone!”

Mark, Deer Park Country House, Devon

Luancell Barton

Launcells Barton

“We first met Hazel right back in the beginning when turning Launcells Barton in to a wedding venue was just an idea in our heads. Hazel was amazing and could see our dream totally. Throughout the whole journey Hazel has always been there and has been amazingly supportive!

We honestly couldn’t have done it without knowing we could pick up the phone and Hazel would be there to give us practical and level headed advice. The research and information that Hazel gathered for us formed part of our business and planning applications and has been the basis of all our pricing and projections. and her ability to solve problems and see things in a different way has been invaluable.

Hazel’s experience in the wedding industry has been one of the cornerstones of our business I would not hesitate in recommending Hazel as she truly has been a rock to us!”

Lara, Launcells Barton, Cornwall

Launcell Bartons

Pengenna manor

"We tasked Hazel with re-developing our whole business strategy to help us target a higher end market. After examining our current sales packages, comparing them to the entire market place and to our competitors, a very comprehensive report was delivered that we were taken through in great detail.

A whole new pricing structure was created and a marketing plan developed to help us achieve our goals. We're now working to roll that out and so far it's been a great success. I would heartily recommend anyone thinking of working with Hazel to sign her up as soon as possible so they don't lose out!"

Richard Blewett, Pengenna Manor, Cornwall

Laauncells Barton

Tredudwell manor

“Hazel has organised for us our first open day and oh my goodness! What a success! Her very personable and super organised approach made the whole ‘setting up- project’ really easy.

I enjoyed working with Hazel very much, she really got exactly what we had in mind and made it happen! I also felt that every suppliers involved loved sharing her project and working with her which meant that the atmosphere on the day was ace.

On the marketing front, her strategy worked brilliantly and we got 5 bookings on the day! So yes! well done Hazel and Team!”

Valerie Shakerley, Tredudwell Manor, Cornwall

Cosawes Barton Weddings Cornwall Aisle.jpg

Cosawes Barton

“We have been working with Hazel for a while now and it is an absolute pleasure. Hazel has helped us to put together a detailed business plan in relation to weddings – using her detailed knowledge of the current market and pricing structures and packages. Her expertise on marketing has also been invaluable. Hazel is very hard working and totally professional with a great knowledge of the wedding industry. She offers advice in an efficient and straightforward way – and is happy to work with us rather than just give us her view.I would thoroughly recommend working with Hazel – she is wonderful to work with and really tailors advice to meet the needs of her clients. Thank you Hazel!”

Louise, Cosawes Barton, Cornwall


Brickhouse vineyard

“As a new wedding venue, we asked Hazel to review our business model to make sure we were heading in the right direction. She assessed our products, marketing strategy and pricing. Hazel refined our offering and suggested a number of changes that has really helped our business grow. We really enjoyed working with her and it was reassuring to have such an experienced pair of hands help us on our journey. We highly recommended her services.”

Jo and Matt, Brickhouse Vineyard, Devon.

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